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Trudi Beebe had a circuitous journey to brush painting. Shying away from watercolor painting because of its reputation as a difficult medium, she experimented with tole painting and then oils. Not satisfied, she finally tried watercolor; and though enjoyable, something was missing - until she discovered Chinese brush painting.

Chinese brush painting entails a unique approach, requiring special techniques, brushes, and papers. Instead of drawing, visualization leads the painter through the process as layer upon layer of paint is applied to delicate and absorbent paper. Much skill is required to achieve the spontaneity and brilliant color that are hallmarks of fine Chinese brush painting.

'Through this demanding medium, I have rediscovered
the joyous fun and freedom of my early watercolor
experience. I hope, through these paintings, you
will feel some of that joy and pleasure that is
at the heart of Chinese brush painting.'

Trudi recently returned from a workshop in China, on the Yangtze River, a trip that inspired this landscape.

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